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Service At Its Finest

Since 1999, we have been referring patients with the highest standard of care and commitment to excellence. All of our physicians, surgeons, and nurses are board certified and specialize in a range of medical procedures. We are the best of the best, and we have been for a number of years. Get in touch with a member of our staff to feel the Marine Park Agency difference.


Get to Know Us

We will have the pleasure to introduce Our facility to you – established in 1999 marine park has been a true advocate to all members of the OPWDD and their families – taking care of a special need individual is a real challenge and you could use all the help you can get.

 Marine Park team addresses all these needs and will get your loved one scheduled to be evaluated by a licensed psychologist and a physician very promptly with practically no waiting time so you can get the following reports in a record time

. Psychological and Psychosocial reports.

. Medical Reports.

 Marine Park team will arrange for the transportation service to pick up your family member from home or from the program they attend and take them to the clinic where they are supposed to see their doctor and attend the therapy sessions and bring them back home.

The Marine Park team will coordinate other services which may be recommended by the evaluating physician and psychologist like:

*Physical Therapy *Speech Therapy * Occupational Therapy *Aqua Therapy

*Neurology *Dermatology * Ophthalmology *Podiatry

*Dentistry * Endocrinology *Gastroenterology * other services.

Also will help you to get Home Health Aid Services if your loved one is in need of one.

All you need to do is get in touch with our friendly and experienced staff who will attend to all your medical and social needs.

 Our service is “Free” you will not be charged any fees.

 It was always a privilege to serve the OPWDD community and we will continue providing the best service we can to help you take care of your precious ones.

 Best of luck to the wonderful caregivers you are doing a great job.

Truly Yours,

Dr. Hisham Almehdawi,

“Marine Park President”

Our Mission

Quality Care

With highly skilled professional experts here to treat our patients’ needs, Marine Park Agency cares about going the extra mile to ensure each patient has a satisfying experience. We value the health and comfort of our patients, and strive to make sure each one’s interests are met. At Marine Park Agency, we exceed the expectations of our patients, by providing guidance and advice every step of the way.

Our Values

Choice, Analysis, Commitment, Investment and Leadership

  • Choice: At the core of Marine Park foundation is the enduring belief that everyone has the right to choose the direction their lives will take. Marine Park respects and supports the self-directed decisions of the people it serves.

  • Analysis: Marine Park regularly and strategically reviews the needs of the people it serves to ensure the organization readily provides the appropriate support and services. Marine Park frequently analyzes its financial resources to ensure the same.

  • Commitment: Marine Park recognizes there may be barriers on the path to independence. Marine Park resolves to work exhaustively to help people reach their goals.

  • Investment: Marine Park invests time, training, and resources into a dedicated workforce that is passionate and professional about the independent living philosophy.

  • Leadership: Marine Park believes steadfast leadership is paramount to success. Marine Park resolves to be resourceful and strong while maintaining integrity and honesty. Marine Park employees strive to lead by example and empower others by providing them with the tools necessary to achieve their goals.

Recognized Vision

Health & Healing

Since 1999, Marine Park Agency has been committed to enhancing patient care through exceptional service and deeply rooted values. We are fueled by patience, integrity, and empowerment, and believe in giving our patients all that they need. With more than 10 highly trained medical professionals on our team, we have the expertise to serve you and your family with quality healthcare.

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